Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the zach nielsen trio

these guys are really amazing. they played this evening at imbibe cigar bar downtown on central, very cool venue, and man, what a treat. kenny and i went for a night out and i really love an evening with a glass of wine, my man and some good jazz. and they totally provided. wow. you can facebook friend them, just look up "zach nielsen trio" and you will get emails about their next gigs. thanks guys for letting my camera be up in your face all night. :)


brianna saban said...

does the band know you took these???
they need to see how fabulous these are!
post them on their facebook!!!
these are just too cool.


amy said...

girl you are like my daily dose of encouragement. :) thank you. and yes, they know. zach is our worship pastor and he asked me to come out and snap a few. they're REALLY good, i'll let you know the next time they play if you and lawrence are jazz lovers.. :)