Sunday, March 29, 2009

there will be more...

of sweet baby "h". but just one more for now. or two (with a b/w conversion because i love me some b/w).
oh, click on the image to see it in full.

i wonder....

what is she thinking? 5 days. 5 pounds. 5th family member. and MAJOR surprise to her mommy and daddy! and she is so stinking cute. teensy and WIDE awake for out entire session. i'm certain that she stared at me for most of the session, but in this picture, i think she was contemplating her new surroundings. she has two precious blond haired big brothers who love her. we get to do their session in may. and i think she looks just like them. congrats to the family of baby "h". she is such a precious little nugget.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

'nother kid, same wall...

this one's mine. and man has she got that face down...

little cooper

this angel face kiddo is my cousin's little guy, and boy do my cousin and i have something in common. my 1 year old and her 1 year old have a very limited diet. three things they can both have (the only things my son can have, and ALMOST the only things her son can have) are chicken, sweet potatoes and rice. we went back home to texas last week, and i can't tell you how neat it was to go out to dinner and have grayson share his special little homemade meal with his cousin, who had to eat the same boring stuff. i almost cried a little. anyhoo, cooper is absolutely too cute for words, as were the other several cousins we got to play with while we were there. my hometown is a mecca for cool run down stuff so i had to take the kids out and bribe them with hypoallergenic dum dums to get them to let me shoot them. and i'm glad we did. :) cooper, your special trader joe's non cornstarch rice crispy treats are on their way from albuquerque to you!

Monday, March 9, 2009

one more for today

my cousin

not my second cousin, or third. but my sweet little new first cousin, avery. a state separates us, (as well as age...) so when i went back home to texas this weekend, i finally got to meet her (and several other little second cousins i hadn't met!). and i love her. she just melts my heart. she was an angel for our mini session. (i will hopefully post more soon). i took her to a very run down church, where my parents were married in our hometown and i think it worked out perfectly. lots of brick, broken stain glass, you know, super safe for kids. :) anyways, little avery, i had so much fun getting to meet you and snuggle you! and i can't wait to see you again! hope you like your sneak peek!! and might i add, that YES, we were in bow country. texas. i have tried HARD to find fun obnoxious bows for my "would be" texan daughter, to no avail. HOWEVER, i have some on order now. :) they aren't quite this big, as she is three and would not wear them, but they're big enough.