Sunday, February 8, 2009

i love me some "a" family

these guys are long time family friends, and this session, back in OCTOBER, needed some posts... we took adam's golf cart all over the golf course lookin for some hot spots. at one point, we lost a couple riders when adam hit a bump (oops, don't tell).


Jen said...

It worked! Awesome. Man are you good at the sparkly eyes!

amy said...

thanks jen! i love me some sparkle eyes. its all about the catch lights.

amy said...

oh and THANKS for fixing my blog!!! it was the template and i NEVER would have known it had you not said something about the other one!

brianna saban said...

amy, these are absolutely fabulous.
woman, you are muy talented.
the family must be treasuring these.


Broshious Family said...

I know them... Its a small world. Zachary is in my summer school class.