Sunday, September 9, 2007


i'm new at this tag stuff, but i've been tagged by ellen to list 8 things about myself, as random as they may turn out.

1. i, like ellen, went to the same high school and college as my husband, but we were not formally introduced until we were 25 years old.

2. i am afraid of clowns. and carousel music.

3. i do not care for pets. except that we've had a turtle running around in our backyard and that's been fun. mostly for my daughter.

4. i am from texas. and darn proud of it.

5. i have a total addiction to hobby lobby. and target. and fall. and i'm so happy that hobby lobby has already put their christmas stuff out.

6. i love to listen to anita baker and frank sinatra in the evenings during fall because it makes me want to cook.

7. i LOVE chocolate. its more than love i think. i have to have it continually. like after every meal. and every snack. even if that snack is chocolate. and if there is none in the house, i will eat the semi sweet chocolate chips i have in the baking section of my pantry. or i will make hot chocolate in the 100 degree heat and drink it.

8. i just painted my room aqua blue and I really really really like it. its called thunderbird blue (the color of the newly released ford thunderbirds), and it makes a perfect backdrop for pictures. :)

ok, got through that. now i believe, if i am playing the game correctly, i tag a few more bloggers. so.. i tag courtney, lyss and ruth.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


i did a family shoot for an ADORABLE family today. i haven't gone through all of them yet, but here is a sneak peek britt and chris!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

under the lights

sports pics aren't really my thing, but i love the chance to catch my little brother on the baseball field under the lights. i thought this one came out pretty cool. i liked the colors.