Thursday, September 24, 2009

my blue eyed bug

this one's mine. and he's so big. he looks like he's off to kindergarten in this picture, but really he's two. sweet boy. anyhoo, this adorable hat, and BOTH hats featured in olivia's post, are from a very talented lady whose shop is called three fish. you can find her on etsy or just by clicking here. anyway, back to my baby. i love him.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

templates for photographers

for all you photographers out there... if you haven't found beyond red and green yet, click now. sherri is the master designer of all things christmas, all things baby, all things cute. i am in love with her work and you will be too. her christmas line just came out and she is bustin' out the birth announcements like crazy. it makes me want to have a baby just so i can use one of her templates again. oh WAIT. i am. so i get to. :) anyway, check her out here.


look at these eyes. big. brown. one tiny tooth. this kid is stunningly beautiful. i love this family. they are so full of grace, love, encouragement...they are a JOY to be around. anyone who knows them can attest to this. AND.. caleb's mommy and i are due two weeks apart from each other in the spring, which is always fun to be prego with friends! more of this sneak peek to come later. just wanted to get this one up for now.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

sweet baby

i love newborns. love 'em. and this one, like the last, is especially precious to me. again, this boy is the son of one my dear friends. (i don't really have many friends that aren't having babies at the moment for some reason. :)) this little guy was prayed over and prayed over, and was born 5 weeks early. he's teensy. tiny. and so so cute. i wanted to just stare at him, and then remembered that i was supposed to take pictures of him. love him.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

olivia part deux

welcome to the world {olivia}

this angel of a baby has my heart. she is the precious 6 day old daughter of some of our dear friends. and the baby sister of this little guy who i have been shooting since day 1. she was a photographer's dream once she finally fell asleep! isn't she beautiful? i will definitely post more of her as i get some time... thanks for letting me invade your house with bags of fuzzy blankets, ash!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

the gannons- sneak peek

oh this family. at first glance, i thought, oh these boys are shy. not so much. i will post proof that later. these guys were great sports. you wouldn't believe the brush and trees i drug them through to get to one of our spots. i almost had to edit out scratch marks on faces because of it. :) sorry this peek took so long! more to come...