Tuesday, February 17, 2009

my "not so little" brother

i really can't believe this kid is 15. a freshman. at my alma mater. i remember very vividly the night my parents told me that birth control isn't always effective. enter taylor. i was 16, my other brother chris was 14, and we were pretty much shocked. SHOCKED. i had always hoped for another sibling, you know, when i was five. so finding out when you're a junior in high school that your mom is pregnant is just weird. aren't they too old for that by then? ha. apparently not. needless to say, this little guy was the DELIGHT of our lives when he was born. we were so much older than him that chris and i kind of were like his "other parents". as a matter of fact, more than once, a store clerk asked if he was "ours". um GROSS, we would reply. i absolutely could not possibly imagine life without him. thank you Lord that birth control doesn't always work, and we get little surprise taylors out of it. i'm not kidding, this kid is amazing. he is sweet, kind, gentle and amazing with my kids. best babysitter EVER. he ADORES his three nieces and one nephew and would spend every waking moment babysitting them if he could. ok, not EVERY waking moment. just some of them. anyway, here's to you little brother. you are growing into an amazing God fearing man, just like you big bro and your dad. and now you can change your facebook pic to something a little more recent. :)

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