Thursday, February 12, 2009

my other baby

braidyn is my very first niece. the very first baby born into the grandkid bunch. my little brother's girl. my first "pretend" baby. she and i are bonded and i love it. i have always felt a connection with her, and i simply adore her. i got to do her FIVE year photo session today and i still can't believe it. my first baby is 5! almost... i love you 'b', you are so beautiful! thanks for a super fun day! oh, and this birthday shirt? that's right... made by her mom.. the ever talented mind of "two little byrdies embroidery"


the byrd family said...

O.M.G. they are amazing. SO amazing. and i actually have tears in my eyes they are so amazing.

thank you. SO much. i'm sure you think it's nothing, but to me, it's SO much. precious pics of how i see my sweet girl everyday. giggly, so grown up. you have captured it. so thank you.

now if we could only get the same thing out of mali...which is just not possible at this stage in life :)

Ellen said...

These are adorable! She's getting so big!!

brianna saban said...

amy, you freakin rock.

nuff said.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe this is the same precious little one we held in the day she was born! So beautiful and growing so fast! Amy you are amazing!!! Patrick & I need to come back so you can do our picks again.

Amy I need a teacher like you...wanna move to Texas :-)or maybe I will just move back home!


Bree said...