Thursday, June 3, 2010


though still on maternity leave, i had the privilege to capture this little one a few days ago. nine days old, and just absolutely darling. you should have SEEN his nursery! his very talented grandmother (who MIGHT be one of the sweetest women i have ever met and who makes the best banana bread in the world), made all of his bedding, and i could have SWORN that ethan's mommy must have paid at least a thousand dollars for it at the fanciest baby boutique in town! it was wonderful to meet you ashley and stephen, and this little guy is just beautiful. so fun to hang out with y'all, even though i had to take a few advil and a nap afterwards! (yea, not quite ready to re enter the photo world! well, my body isn't anyway!)

oh and p.s. i seriously cannot believe how amazing ethan's mommy looks nine days after giving birth. i mean, i'm 8 weeks out and am not even CLOSE to looking like her! way to go ashley! i'll try not to be bitter about it...grrr...

um, and just for fun, i like to call this one...



bethany dawn burns said...

Amy, these photos are AMAZING!!! What a handsome little guy. I love them all...and the title you gave the last one was perfect, LOL!

Tammy Staley said...

Gorgeous!! :)

brianna saban said...


i love that baby yawn.
oh how i miss those sweet, fleeting days.

your pictures are so crisp and clean. i love em.


Ellen said...

ole - that's so cute. And that first one - love it! :)

Anonymous said...

where i have been while you've been on a newborn extravaganza!!!???
sister, this is your thing.
sweet, beautiful, fresh photos.
i love them all.


kazia said...

wow amazing shots