Sunday, March 28, 2010


oh this little dude. i have no words for his cuteness. and this little face he would make as he would say "oh, oh" over and over.

so. stinking. cute.

it doesn't hurt that his parents are beautiful too. :) and maybe some of the nicest most generous helpful people EVER. thanks for being our friends dave and amy!


brianna saban said...

amy, i love your work so much.
there is such a lightness about it.
your pictures make me smile:)


jules said...

these are just darling! such a beautiful little boy ... love his eyes!

Rachael McClair said...

What a fantastic shot of dave & amy! I love the cactus in the background... like it's on FIRE! (old Mosesssssssssss.... way back there in the wildernesssssssss...) Anyway, the grass in the foreground, the beautiful background... and it's a great shot of them. I hope they frame it extra-large. Oh, and I want one.

hcrjfrandall said...

What a little cutie! My fave is #3!

Tammy Staley said...

Really, really beautiful!

bethany dawn burns said...

These are GORGEOUS photos Amy! I love all the beautiful catchlights going on. You are an amazing photographer!