Sunday, February 14, 2010

prose for portraits *WINNER*

man, was this HARD! we got so many great nominations, but when i read this one, i just knew.

i have known this family for awhile, but not nearly as well as i would like. this little boy has been through more trials and tests and surgeries and SCARES than many adults. and if you have kids, you know how hard this is on parents. the testing, the waiting, is it good news? bad news? this has been this family's life since this angel boy was born. and the testing and the surgeries have no end in sight at this point.

i am THRILLED and honored to announce that the winners of the prose for portraits contest, though incredibly difficult to pick just one family, are


(hope you don't mind, i ganked this from facebook.:))

Scott, Jen and Carter, get your hair ready and your makeup done cuz we're doin' a session!!! I will contact you SOON about timing, which, could very well be AFTER this baby is born!

congratulations, and please check out these other photogs to see who their winners were:
brianna saban
monique duke
pam christison
tammy staley


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bethany dawn burns said...

Oh my goodness...what a sweet and beautiful family. I can't wait to see the FAB photos you will take of them. You are an amazing photographer! :)