Thursday, September 24, 2009

my blue eyed bug

this one's mine. and he's so big. he looks like he's off to kindergarten in this picture, but really he's two. sweet boy. anyhoo, this adorable hat, and BOTH hats featured in olivia's post, are from a very talented lady whose shop is called three fish. you can find her on etsy or just by clicking here. anyway, back to my baby. i love him.


Molly Beth said...

Love the hats! And I must say, your photos are BY FAR the best on the site :) I found a super cute pumpkin hat I'm thinking of getting Cooper from an etsy site. love ya and your work!

brianna saban said...

i love your little guy.
he has so many looks.
this is the 'i'm just a chill dude' look.

bethany dawn burns said...

I can't believe I didn't see this one yet! I love his hat. He is SO gorgeous!!! And his eyes...

brianna saban said...

hurry up and post something new!!!!


Anonymous said...
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