Saturday, August 8, 2009

i adore this family

this sweet lady in the blue is the mother of some dear friends of mine. she was diagnosed with ALS around a year ago and you just wouldn't believe the faith and strength that she and her children exude. i was blessed to be able to capture them this morning in their backyard. they had a mimosa ready for me! her sisters came over, and we got to shoot her with her son and daugher, daughter-in-law and both sisters. i had such a great time conversing as we shot and i was truly blessed. hope you like this sneak peek guys. thanks for letting me spend the morning with you...


brianna saban said...

wow amy!!!
these are so fabulous.
and special.
what a pretty family.
i love their beautiful blue eyes.


Bree said...

what special pictures you captured for this beautiful family!

~S said...

amy, these are really really good! I love your lighting and color. Beautiful!

Cama said...

Oh Amy, How speical these images are! I love them and all your work, it is just beautiful!