Monday, March 9, 2009

my cousin

not my second cousin, or third. but my sweet little new first cousin, avery. a state separates us, (as well as age...) so when i went back home to texas this weekend, i finally got to meet her (and several other little second cousins i hadn't met!). and i love her. she just melts my heart. she was an angel for our mini session. (i will hopefully post more soon). i took her to a very run down church, where my parents were married in our hometown and i think it worked out perfectly. lots of brick, broken stain glass, you know, super safe for kids. :) anyways, little avery, i had so much fun getting to meet you and snuggle you! and i can't wait to see you again! hope you like your sneak peek!! and might i add, that YES, we were in bow country. texas. i have tried HARD to find fun obnoxious bows for my "would be" texan daughter, to no avail. HOWEVER, i have some on order now. :) they aren't quite this big, as she is three and would not wear them, but they're big enough.


Ellen said...

That's awesome - it's the biggest bow I've ever seen! Cute photo!

brianna saban said...

seriously, i. love. it.

this lil girl is darling!!!!

i can't wait to see the rest...hurry.