Wednesday, September 17, 2008


i was editing a session and came across this one. this little girl is a doll. it was actually a session for her new baby sister, but i had to get this one. such a cutie.


~S said...

Glad you did!!! Your work just gets better and better. Your lighting here is magical, and your conversion makes me want to take on sessions again. :P

brianna saban said...

oh my heck...YOUR work is AMAZING my woman!!!

k, so about 'our' chris martin obsession...isn't he devine??? but worst of all, so is gwyneth. i saw her on oprah the other day and i decided that i may be equally obsessed with her.
so, instead of my dream being for him to marry me...i want them to adopt me.
is that weird?



brianna saban said...

p.s. the sunflowers are in a field right off of montano. do you know where shepherd of the valley church is?
it's in the lot right beside it.

hurry up , cuz the owner told us they were gonna harvest the flowers real soon:)