Tuesday, June 10, 2008

little heart stealers

here are more from the newborn twin session. sally and asher, these boys are too much! the more i go through these images, the more i want to come back and snug them!! so cute. i think in this one, little e is telling little b how he feels about this new world. he's saying "and then, when those big people make those faces at us and talk in high voices, i can't figure out what they're saying at all!"

and in this one, check out the proper coverage with the flailing foot. nice work little ones. saves me some inappropriate editing. :) i also love that they are sharing the same fist for a snack. i love the twin connection.

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Anonymous said...

hey girl! Wow you are getting better and better! All these pics are just way too cute :) I haven't looked at your site in a while and just wanted to tell you how talented you are...lets talk soon and you REALLY need to come over...cant BELIEVE you have never been over. Talk to ya soon,